Episode 019 – There’s Something About Mary: From Rugs to Riches

Two star-crossed Armenian immigrants met in Evanston in the nineteen-teens. They brought together a trade from the old country, Turkey, a booming demand for their trade in the United States, and mixed in a bit of good-old real estate entrepreneurship. They built the business and the buildings that became Koshgarian Rug Cleaners in La Grange and Hinsdale, Illinois. The business is now in its fourth generation of their family. Hear this fascinating tale, as told by Herb Koshgarian, the 89 year old son of immigrants Mike and Mary Koshgarian. It’s a classic tale of hard work and acumen; that of the immigrant owner/ user of commercial real estate in the United States.

11 Hillgrove
Gulesserians to Wisconsin Article 1920
Herb As a Boy
Koshgarians In the Old Country
Herb’s Father’s Family
First Koshgarian Building