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Episode 018 – Stanley Hasty of the Eastman School of Music – One of the Clarinet Jedi Masters

Sometimes a gifted individual steps out of the limelight and turns his energies to teaching, and discovering a methodology that leads others to greatness.   Joe Torre of the New York Yankees is a prime example in sports.  Stanley Hasty was such a clarinetist and teacher.  For 2 decades, he worked his way around the country in some of the most illustrious principal clarinet positions.  Then, at the request of Howard Hanson, he was brought to the Eastman School of Music for a teaching career that lasted 4 more decades.  Join me in an interview with clarinet Professor Elizabeth Gunlogson from the University of New Hampshire, who has written the definitive work on Stanley Hasty’s career, and knew this remarkably influential man in a way his students almost couldn’t.



Lesson with Hasty