Monthly Archives: May 2018

Episode 003 – Goldie Wolfe-Miller: The Doyenne of Chicago Real Estate

Episode 3 of “Stages to Success” is an interview of  Goldie Wolfe-Miller of Millbrook Properties.  Follow Goldie’s amazing biographical arc, starting as a refugee to the United States, success in her first career after college, a switch to commercial real estate,  and her meteoric rise to prominence in the commercial real estate industry. Hear how she’s now established a vehicle for other young women in the industry that will carve paths for them, far into the future.

Episode 002 – The Inimitable Don Harry, Tuba Icon of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Episode 2 of “Stages to Success” is an interview of Don Harry, Principal Tuba of the Buffalo Philharmonic for 44 seasons. Don is one of very few American Indian musicians to ever work in the world’s great orchestras. Hear the story of Don’s career climb, from true outsider in a small Oklahoma town, to the dizzying heights of his orchestral career, playing concerts internationally with great orchestras, and teaching at the Juilliard and Eastman schools. Don is as much of an iconoclast as an icon. Listen to his unvarnished look back at his career, and the individuals he’s encountered along the way.


Episode 001 – The Venerable Vern Schultz of Colliers International

Episode 1 of “Stages to Success” is an interview of Vern Schultz of Colliers International in Chicago.  Vern is a top producer in industrial and office real estate, over a span of 5 decades.  He’s a life-long Chicagoan who has led commercial real estate groups for many of  the greatest brand brokerages.  He’s been developer, landlord representative, tenant representative and revered expert in all aspects of commercial real estate brokerage and finance.  Listen as Vern’s story takes you on  a journey of his business life from school days working in the family business to transacting in staggering volume and dollar amounts.